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We can’t all have a palatial house with 6 bedrooms situated on a hill in the woods on 60 acres of land. Most people will never even set foot in a place like that. We do, however want to feel like our homes are worth showing off and sometimes that takes a little work. Here are a couple options for the 99%.
Paint your walls to reflect who you are. Get rid of that eggshell off-white that is so common in rental apartments. Do you have a color or print that you absolutely must be wearing? Feel free to incorporate that into your home. I would advise against bright pink polka dots all over you walls but there are lots of options for patterns that will make your home unique. A light touch is necessary. Hand paint the door frame of your bedroom with your favorite print or pattern to distinguish it as our most personal space. Covering your door entirely in polka dots will just make people think they are entering the twilight zone.
Reclaimed wood furniture is the most expensive thing I am going to suggest but I fell in love with it the first time I saw a piece made from the wood of an old railway bridge. The age and history of the wood was very obvious and beautiful. If you love nostalgia and furniture with a story then you will love this idea. It’s not super cheap but if you shop around you might find a good deal. Expect to pay about as much as you would for a mid-grade to high-grade piece of mass produced furniture but you get something worth being proud of. Dealing with small production artisans means you can haggle. I love to haggle.
Get some cool bunkbeds. If you plan on having overnight guests at any point but don’t want to make them sleep on that ancient pullout couch that killed your back the last time you slept on it in college you should really consider that too often overlooked bed style. Full-over-full bunkbeds double your sleeping space without taking up any more floor space. With this you won’t need a dedicated guest room either. Adult bunk beds are much bigger and classier than the ones we had when we were kids.

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