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Bringing babies home to a fresh, clean home

Having a baby on the way means that it’s time for the clutter to make its way out of the house.

First and foremost, the extra room in your home that has been storing miscellaneous items such as the ironing board, out of season clothes and unused exercise equipment, needs to be cleared out. Before the baby arrives, enough space needs to be made in that room in order to fit a crib, changing table, diaper disposal and a rocking chair. Needless to say, a lot of organizing needs to be done in order to properly prepare a nursery.

Organizing the pre-nursery room is just the beginning step for expecting parents. The entire house must be baby-proofed. No parents want to bring home their new child to a messy and disorganized house. With late night feedings, constant crying and diaper changing, life is going to get crazy enough for the new parents. Therefore it is essential to get their home cleaned and organized in order to minimize the chaos in their new lives.

It is common for expecting parents to remove any unnecessary items from their homes in order to free up space needed for the baby. It isn’t safe for babies to crawl around rooms that are full of clutter or for them to be around furniture with sharp edges. Every room in the house, including the basement, kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom, should be reorganized and planned for child safety.

A good home cleaning is also a good idea in order to improve its sanitary conditions before the baby arrives. Clutter can create dwelling spots for bugs since they can hide behind piles of boxes, clothes, book and other items. It is important to prevent this from happening since bugs can spread bacteria. Babies do not have completely developed immune systems until the age of five or six months old and need to be raised in a clean and organized home.

Kitchens need to be reorganized as well. Along with babies come bottles, nursing equipment, formula, baby food and many other things that need to be stored in the kitchen. Cabinets and drawers should be cleared out for new space and the kitchen should also be swept of any dangerous chemicals that could be in a child’s reach, especially under the sink.

A lot of work needs to be done on a home before a baby moves in. Removing the clutter and reorganizing will not only make life safer and healthier for the child but it will also make life easier for the parents.

Cecilia Shannon works with Zippy Shell of Northern Virginia- who provides portable storage in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding area.

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